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Backgammon Masters Expand Their Online Casino

Backgammon Masters is the place to go if you want to make some money playing the ancient dice game, but what most people don't know is that they also offer a host of other online casino games.

They are looking to expand their already-impressive repertoire which as well as backgammon features video poker and blackjack. The site has added extras to the last two.

Single-deck blackjack improves the odds for the player as only one deck of cards is used instead of the usual six or seven. This means you, the player, stand to make more money.

They have also added Deuces Wild video poker which potentially carries big prizes – the game can be played using various denominations from ten cents all the way up to twenty dollars but if a player should be lucky enough to draw a natural royal flush, they would be rewarded instantly with $4,000.

Backgammon Masters are proud of the new improvements but by no means done – they plan to add roulette and baccarat to their arsenal of games in 2009.