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ANOTHER ANTIGUA VS. USA DELAY WTO negotiations drag on, with new deadline of July 11 now set Antigua and the United States remain locked in negotiations this week as yet another World Trade Organisation deadline (see previous InfoPowa reports) has passed without a positive result. The two parties in the dispute over online gambling informed the World Trade Organisation this week that they had mutually agreed to another deferral of arbitration proceedings and continue to seek an amicable agreement to bring years of litigation to an end. The new deadline agreed by the parties is July 11 2008. Antigua's Minister of Finance and the Economy Dr. Errol Cort told the Antigua Sun newspaper that both sides will continue discussions in the hope of coming to an agreement. Dr. Cort and Ambassador to the WTO John Ashe are leading Antigua and Barbuda’s negotiations, facing a US delegation headed by Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador John Veroneau.