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AN INTRIGUING NEW MOBILE DEVICE  Gambling software provider believed to be almost ready to launch Cantor eDeck Mobile gambling fans can look forward – possibly by the end of 2008 – to a new casino-in-your-pocket device that is believed to be currently emerging from extensive research and development at the online gambling software provider Cantor Gaming. PMP Today describes the new product as a 'pocket casino', offering roulette, blackjack, baccarat, video poker and other popular casino games, as well as Cantor’s own patented games like Bonus Roulette, XtraOdds Baccarat and Statjack plus additional and unspecified functions that Cantor is currently keeping under wraps. The device is WiFi-ready, so users can hook up online for normal online gambling and financial transactions. Pricing is not yet known. Speculation is that the device may be a by-product of the on-premises remote gaming handheld for land casinos on which Cantor has been working so assiduously for several years, and which is believed to be nearing acceptance by gaming authorities and major U.S. casinos.