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Amazing Coincidence and $2m Payout at PartyCasino

PartyCasino believe that they have found a first in the online gaming industry – a father and son winning jackpots at the same site precisely nine months apart!

On February 24, ScottishAOD won $1.358m in the Gold Mega Jackpot on Fortune Wheel, coming close to breaking the $1.5m record payout by PartyCasino. Exactly nine months earlier, on May 24, 2008, Takemystack7 won over $700,000 – Takemystack7 is ScottishAOD's father.

"It was great telling my Dad about my jackpot win," said ScottishAOD. "I loved it – he reacted with jealousy and disbelief that I had won more than he did! There is a bit of karma involved in this since my old man rubbed his win in so much – it was simply great to win and even better to win more than him!"

A spokesman said: "What is truly remarkable is that their super delivery of big bucks was exactly nine months apart to the day! The father planted the seed and the son gave birth to a remarkable piece of online gaming history. Father and son are both doing well."