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Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet Bad Bead Jackpot Pays $800,000

Recently eyebrows were raised when Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet's CEREUS network's Bad Beat Jackpot hit over half a million. This six-figure jackpot was one of the largest seen online and promised someone who lost a hand with quad eights or better a life-changing sum.

"Another life-changing jackpot is about to be hit at the online poker tables," stated Annie Duke, UltimateBet's Cardroom Consultant at the time. "One lucky Texas Hold' em player is about to win in a day what most people make working several years. It's unbelievable."

It was even more unbelievable when the bubble finally burst – EMILIE14's straight flush lost to PEACE2UALL's Royal Flush, showering players with a total jackpot of $807,543.95.

For his loss at the table, EMILIE14 secured $270,843.03. The winner of the hand left the table $132,904.14 richer and two other players who were seated in the hand each took home $2,678.25 in cash. 57 other players each pocketed $1,678.25 for no other reason than they happened to be playing at Bad Beat Jackpot Tables with the same stakes.