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A Fairer Way To Play Poker

Inexperienced poker players attending next week's Poker In The Park festival in London are being given a unique opportunity to investigate a less risky way of enjoying the game.

The third annual Poker In The Park will take place in Leicester Square from five o'clock in the afternoon until half-past nine in the evening on August 13 while the action will carry on over August 14 from noon until half-past nine in the evening.

Attendees can explore PTG Poker, which makes poker fairer for less experienced players by alternating the direction of play to reduce the significance of a competitor's position.

Operators and players will be introduced to the rules of this new variation at Poker In The Park and will be given the chance to discuss its merits with inventor Derek Webb, the man also behind the most popular proprietary casino table game, Three Card Poker.

More information on Poker In The Park can be found at while those interested in PTG Poker should visit