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A Complete Guide: How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

affiliate marketing

Regardless of the iGaming niche you choose for your affiliate business, getting paid is the most satisfying part of the job. Watching your income grow over time is hugely rewarding, and having the ability to earn money from anywhere isn’t too bad, either.

But if you’ve never been an affiliate before, you might not know how to get paid. If you fall into that category, you’re in the right place – we’re about to help you out.

So, how do you get paid for affiliate marketing? Keep reading, and we’ll reveal everything you need to know, including the payment methods you can use and various factors to keep in mind.

How Are Affiliates Paid?

When you join an affiliate program, you’ll usually receive access to an affiliate portal. Here, you can track your payments and gain an overview of previous months to see how you are earning over time.

Generally speaking, you’ll receive a payment each month – which will depend on how many players you refer and other conditions in your contract.

Which Payment Methods Can Affiliates Use to Get Paid?

Since you run an online business and work with operators that might be in other countries, you’ll want to choose an ideal payment method to receive your earnings.

So, how do affiliates get paid exactly? Well, you can choose from various payment options.

In most cases, you’ll have a variety of choices. If you’d like to receive your money via bank transfer, you can; e-Wallets like Skrill and NETELLER are also viable. PayPal is another choice, and you might be able to get your money via Wise – though the company has restrictions regarding gambling payments.

When choosing a way to get paid, consider the exchange fees you might have to pay and any potential costs for receiving the money. You’ll need to check with your partner to find out how long you must wait before receiving your payment.

What Should I Consider When Getting Paid as an Affiliate?

Now that you know how to get paid for affiliate marketing, you’re ready to discover the numerous factors you must keep in mind. Below, we’ve listed four crucial areas.

Minimum Withdrawals

Some affiliate programs have minimum withdrawal requirements, which can be tricky to navigate if you’re not yet established. If you don’t meet the minimum threshold, you might not be able to receive your payment for the month.

If you’re new to the affiliate marketing scene, we recommend that you supplement your income elsewhere, to begin with; you can keep your day job, for example, or consider freelancing.

Considering that affiliate marketing payments are sometimes volatile, we also recommend building multiple income streams – this could mean running several different sites in the same industry or branching out into other markets.

Are Your Payments Automatic or Invoiced?

Most of the time, you won’t need to worry about doing anything extra to receive your payments. At the end of each month, you’ll receive an automatically-triggered payout to wherever you choose to receive your money.

In some instances, though, you might need to send an invoice instead. You’ll need to check these details with your partner, and it’s best to do so at the beginning of your agreement. That way, you won’t have any unnecessary delays in receiving your money.

Beware of Stopped Payments

Once you’re established as an affiliate, you’ll know how to get paid for affiliate links and do so consistently. However, you should also beware that some programs might stop your payments without notice.

If you meet the agreement’s terms and conditions, you shouldn’t have any issues. However, you might run into problems if you don’t refer enough players over a specific period of time.

Again, the best way to avoid confusion in this respect is to check with the operator and find out what you must do.


Tax laws will differ depending on where you live, but it’s always your duty to report earnings to the authorities – even if you earn below the threshold.

You should also consider taxes in your spending and make sure that you’ve got enough to pay when the end of the fiscal year arrives.

Ideally, you should open a separate business bank account and keep that money aside from your personal one.

Now You Know How to Get Paid for Affiliate Links and More

Having read this guide, you should now know how affiliate marketers get paid. Receiving money is quite easy, but you might need to meet certain requirements – and in some instances, you might need to be proactive and send invoices.

Payments differ depending on the program you choose; checking with your program partner is the best way to avoid confusion.

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