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5 Reasons You Don't Make Money Online

Let’s face it, if you’re in affiliate marketing then you’re in it for the money. Even if you consider it being your passion, you have to agree that it’s just a byproduct and that money is still #1 on your “affiliate motivation” list.
So what to do if you can’t make any money? Or just making a small amount of it? Finally, what are the secrets of making money?

1. Quitting Too Soon
This is the main failure factor for any profession, any career and actually any hobby as well.
One of the few rules of building your mastery in any given area is that you must spend some time learning the basics. And in affiliate marketing, this isn’t even strictly about learning skills that have a direct connection to making money. There are also other things like site setup, niche research, social media and etc.
In short, don’t quit just because the technical aspect of things scares you.
2. Picking The Wrong Marketing Methods
There’s no globally wrong marketing method, but there’s probably like a thousand of methods that are wrong for YOU.
The rule of thumb is to choose the method that comes naturally to you and one that you can get a grasp of in a relatively short span of time. Test multiple methods, find the best one for you and master it.
3. Expecting Fast Money
As strange as this might sound, affiliate marketing was never about making money quickly (unless you’re in it just for the one-off quick buck and then you’re gone).
Building any sort of full time income will take time, a lot of testing, a lot of trial and error and a lot of money as well.
Think of it like starting a traditional brick-and-mortar business where immediate and sustainable profits are very rare.
4. No Planning
Have you ever found yourself wandering around from idea to idea, from technique to technique, from strategy to strategy, just because someone told you that this is “the next big thing?”
If the answer is yes then you probably have no specific plan on how you want to achieve success in affiliate marketing.
Start by scheduling your actions for the coming weeks and months. Set goals to achieve in Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2013 and then review your progress and update your plan.
5. TMI
Aka information overload. Chances are that you can easily name at least 5-10 blogs about making money or affiliate marketing. So, which ones to read regularly?
Simple answer: Consume only the information you need at the moment. For example, if you’re working on your plan for the rest of the year then browse only the articles that talk about planning and don’t focus on other things. Same goes for any other affiliate marketing task.