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20 Do’s and Dont’s of CTAs

Essentially, calls to action are what gives your audience or prospective customers this final impulse to click your buy button or your affiliate link. And this is nothing new, affiliates have been using calls to action for a long time. There are, however, some practices that despite being popular, don’t bring that much value or conversions.

1. Using “Submit” On Your Buttons

The word “Submit” provides no indication regarding what’s going to happen. You’re always better off going with “Add to Cart,” “Buy Now,” “Download Here,” and so on.

2. Hiding Your CTAs On The Page

If people can’t see your CTA, they won’t take action. Place them above the fold.

3. Using The Same Colors For Your CTAs And For The Page Itself

Your CTAs have to stand out. They must look like a purple cow standing in the middle of the room.

4. Using CTAs That Are Too Small

Same thing; if they’re small, they won’t stand out.

5. Using Buttons That Don’t Look Like Buttons

Proper buttons have a somewhat 3D design. If they’re flat, people won’t realize that they are buttons.

6. Misplacing Your CTAs

Make sure that your CTAs relate to the content presented on the page.

7. Using Too Many Words

CTAs have to be quick and to-the-point like “Download Here.”

8. Using Weird Language

Clichés, passive voice, vague expressions – all of these don’t help you sell.

9. Setting The Wrong Expectations

In short, your offer has to deliver on what the CTA promises.

10. Linking To The Homepage

A good CTA links to a purpose-specific page and not the homepage of a given product or service.

11. Using Multiple CTAs On One Page

One page, one CTA. As simple as this.

12. Not Building Trust

Trust is the most valuable commodity online. Use testimonials and other forms of proof that your offer is a quality one.

13. Missing Opportunities

Place CTAs everywhere. In your email newsletters, in your blog posts, in your Twitter bio, etc.

14. Using The Same CTAs Forever

Do simple A/B testing and improve your CTAs over time.

15. Not Optimizing Your CTAs For SEO

If you’re using images, don’t forget about the alt tag. Also, use valuable keywords and place them in your CTAs.

16. Using CTAs In Flash

If you want your CTAs to be accessible to everyone you have to use a different technology.

17. Having Too Much Focus On Branding

CTAs are one of the best weapons for convincing people to do something specific (like purchasing a product). Not that brilliant for branding though.

18. Not Personalizing Your CTAs

Use different CTAs for different pages, audiences, and types of customers.

19. Not Using White Space

Your CTA needs some space to breath or people will simply not notice it.

20. Too Much Focus On Being Pixel-Perfect

The fact is that design doesn’t always sell. CTAs were never about art.