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10 Tips for Call to Action Optimization

Optimizing your calls to action is this one thing that can bring you big results with a relatively small investment. Here’s what you can do, based on some landing page examples:

1. Use Copy People Expect to See

Whenever people visit your site, they do so for a certain purpose, so it’s much better to follow along and try being in tune with what they need, instead of acting against it. For example, if you’ve managed to rank one of your pages for a review-related keyword and drive people to your site through it, then try mentioning the review on your call to action. After all, it’s what people came for.

2. Use a Lot of Whitespace

Whitespace is the best trick in the book when it comes to focusing the visitor’s attention on a certain element of your page design. In short, the best way to make your call to action stand out is to not display anything else in its close proximity.

3. Showcase Social Proof

People are likely to take action on something that a number of other people have already tested. You can display social proof by using standard social media buttons. Just make sure not to have too many of them because it can drive people off your page.

4. Showcase Availability

Not all offers are available in all countries, and people know this. To solve this easily, check the visitor’s location via their IP address and let them know if the offer is available in their country.

5. Push a Casual Action

Saying something like “buy now” as your call to action will have a negative impact on your conversion optimization. It’s just too big of an investment for people to take. So if can, ask for a casual action like “click here to visit” or “click here to find out more.” Basically, anything that doesn’t require an investment up front.

6. Show a Bonus Code and Introduce Scarcity

Displaying a specific bonus code with an expiration date on it makes the offer you’re promoting seem much more attractive. It speaks to the common human desire of not wanting to miss out on opportunities.

7. Show Ratings

This is a very simple concept but it can give you an additional advantage. Showing some kind of ratings can be one of those final nudges that convinces your visitor to take action. Just simple star ratings are okay.

8. Show Available Devices

These days, there are millions of people who use mobile devices to access the web, yet still not all offers are available to them. This is why letting them know about the availability next to your call to action can increase your conversion rates.

9. Show Rankings

Subconsciously, we all want to have the best things in our lives and use the best products. Letting people know which of the offers you’re promoting is the top rated one is very likely to grow your overall conversions.

10. Use In-Content Calls to Action

You don’t always need a sales-page-like design or a review page to convert visitors. Sometimes you can go with simple in-content text links. Just make them visible, and remember about the whitespace rule.