Members of the United States Poker Players Alliance (PPA) have been working their tails off to make online gambling legal since the organization was founded in 2005. The group’s latest effort is a a petition that aims to wake up politicians and make them aware of the benefits of online poker.

The Poker Players Alliance’s objective isn’t just to promote the legalization of online poker—the real purpose of the group is to create jobs when the economy sucks. Since we all are well aware the economy could use a serious boost, this message might be one that stubborn politicians in Washington might actually listen to.

Petition for the PPA

The PPA has worked around the clock to get Washington’s attention. Rich Muny is the vice president of player relations and he says the group has sent over 100,000 letters to Washington. These letters have been followed up with phone calls, but the voices of the Poker Players Alliance have been ignored.

The PPA realizes that it needs the support of the very people they are advocating for, which is the petition was initiated in the first place. If private citizens are willing to sign a petition stating their interest in legalizing online poker, politicians may finally drop their pens and listen.

The group believes its cause will be taken seriously if it can get 5,000 signatures in 30 days. This will certainly get Congress’s attention, but can the PPA rise to this challenge?

Anticipated Support for Petition

The PPA believes that it can indeed accomplish this goal. The group is betting that tens of thousands of online gamblers in the United States will want to sign the petition, as many of them make a living from online poker.

The guys at the Justice Department have crushed those dreams. Many poker players have had to face unemployment or seek refuge in Canada. To them, life would be good again if online poker is legalized and signing a petition is a small price to pay to get their living back.

Fortunately for the PPA, many lawmakers have already shown an interest in legalizing online poker. They want to tax the game and bring in revenue for the state. Everybody wins.

Rich Muny believes such a petition will definitely stand out in the minds of politicians. They won’t be able to forget such an overwhelming display of interest in online poker and can’t ignore that it can generate new jobs, create tax revenue and appeal to their constituents.

Will the Poker Players Alliance get the support it needs? Would you sign this petition? Will it have the impact they are looking for? Share your thoughts in the Online Gambling Newswire forums or commenting below.

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