MobileBasically, you’ve been able to display AdWords ads on mobile devices since forever. But the fact that it’s been possible doesn’t mean that people have actually experienced any decent results.

(This goes both for AdWords and Facebook Ads, by the way.)

There’s a new trend now. Some marketers choose to use their Facebook page as a mobile PPC landing page. This doesn’t sound like a big idea at first, but actually … it’s very clever. Here’s why.

What’s Wrong With Mobile PPC Campaigns?

Even though it’s the 21st century people are still not that convinced to do shopping via a mobile phone. There are many reasons for this. The fact that sending your credit card data through an unprotected free WiFi is not the clever thing to do is just one example.

Using a Facebook page as your landing page, however, creates a completely different environment.

1. People Are Used to Facebook

Facebook has a great mobile app that makes people comfortable connecting to Facebook from a mobile phone. It actually makes them comfortable accessing Facebook from a mobile in general.

So when you use your Facebook page as a landing page, it doesn’t look suspicious at all, and people are not confused by looking at an unknown user interface.

2. People Can Take Immediate Action

The most popular action on Facebook is to Like something. Whenever a visitor Likes your page they are giving you the possibility to post to their News Feeds.

This makes it a great lead generation technique. You get someone to click Like on their mobile phone, and then you can contact them whenever you please.

3. Mobile-optimized Environment

Facebook is mobile-optimized by nature. This means that every page you create gets an additional mobile-friendly look. You don’t have to worry about tweaking your page to fit many different devices, Facebook does this for you.

Apart from these advantages we have to mention one flaw. Even though Facebook is massive, still not everyone has an account. So you might lose on a couple of people here and there.

You need to test this out yourself (in your niche) to find out whether it’s a real problem for you.

The Organic Side

Of course, you can always try to rank for your keywords in mobile search results organically.

If you want to follow such a path it’s probably better to optimize your own site on your own domain instead of investing SEO work in a page on someone else’s domain (in this case Facebook’s).

PPC brings immediate results, that’s why spending money on other domains is not a problem. SEO doesn’t, and you can’t just withdraw your assets in case anything goes bad.

But of course, your mileage may vary. Feel free to experiment with different solutions, and don’t forget to let us know how using a Facebook page as a PPC landing page works for you.

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