A leading online casino fraud department can be compared to a land-based casino pit boss whose role is to recognise high-value players and ensure that they are well taken care of. Land-based pit bosses will offer these high-value players perks like free drinks, meals and gambling credits, understand their players’ needs and preferences and make sure that they have the best possible player experience. They are also responsible for monitoring incidences of suspected cheating or underage gambling.

You might wonder how this correlates to a fraud department in an online environment. Read on to find out.

A good online fraud department should provide a high level of service for your players, including 24/7 support that will benefit you as an affiliate.

A large part of this service is the on-going segmentation and analysis of new and retained players to identify:

  1. High-value potential VIP players
  2. Harmful/fraudulent players

Potential High-Value Players

Once these players have been identified the fraud department should notify and supply the casino’s VIP host team with a report on these individual players.

The VIP host team will then make sure that these players receive the one-on-one attention needed to take them to their full potential through comping, gifting, visits and experiences. The fraud team will continue to be involved throughout this process, ensuring that there is no inefficient comping that will result in a negative impact on your earnings.

Fraudulent Players

As an affiliate you do not want to absorb any costs created by a fraudulent player and early fraud detection is therefore imperative.

Make sure that you sign up at a casino with a fraud department that is on your side, so that you do not incur unnecessary negative fees because of the late detection of fraudulent activity.

A good fraud department should actively work with the affiliate team to minimise and, if possible, eradicate these costs.

Affiliate Reporting on Fraudulent Activity

There is nothing worse than seeing your hard-earned traffic being locked without any reason given. Make sure that the affiliate programme that you have joined is able to provide you with real-time locked player statistics at your convenience. You should have a strong enough relationship with your Relationship Manager to request in-depth information on fraudulent player activity.

These reports should pinpoint:

  • Marketing material, links and player offers on your site that are drawing harmful players
  • Regions in which you are acquiring abusive players so that you can geo-target away from these areas

Affiliate Player Offers

Your preferred affiliate programme should be able to provide you with well thought out and exclusive new player offers to boost acquisitions. These offers need to have been assessed prior to going live to ensure that they are economically viable for you and the casino. The fraud department should be made aware of such offers so that they are on high alert to keep an eye on players taking up these offers. A badly planned special offer can backfire on an affiliate and negatively impact earnings within a day of launching, so early fraud detection is paramount to your success and a healthy affiliate programme relationship.

Keeping Ahead of the Fraudsters

Make sure that the fraud department of the casino that you choose to market does not work in isolation but holds key relationships with third parties to expand their intelligence and keep them ahead of the fraudsters. These relationships could include web wallets and third-party payment processes that are privy to global information on syndicates, covering all industries, and leading to early detection.

About The Author

This article was written by Claire Grainger, Marketing and Operations Manager for Fortune Affiliates. Claire interviews various departments within an online casino on a monthly basis to bring CAP readers insider industry news and the latest trends.

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