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Finding Casino Affiliate Programs for the Australian Market

Given the somewhat muddy state of online gambling legislation in Australia, choosing the right casino affiliate program to advertise in this market is of the upmost importance.

The best way to find casino affiliate programs for the Australian market is to use the CAP Affiliate Program finder.

Simply navigate to the link above and select the type of program you’re looking for (remember – “Poker” and “Sportsbook” are the two opportunities with the highest potential in the Australian market).

On the next page, select “Australia” from the “Choose Your Market” section in the left-hand sidebar. Once you’ve made your selection, the program will automatically sort through its listed casino affiliate programs and return options for the Australian market, along with information on each program’s revenue share and ratings.

Be sure to carefully review the terms of each program before enrolling in order to select the best affiliate promotion for your needs.

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