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Online Gambling in the US

The US House of Representatives is where the debates about online gambling regulation and legalization take place. The main bill being discussed is Barney Frank’s HR 2267, and it has made a lot of progress.

Perhaps the economic crisis had a lot to do with the advancements, but this year online gambling established itself as a legit form of collecting revenue by the Federal Government. Current concerns revolve around underage gambling and player protection, this is wonderful as those two are issues that can be easily tackled by the industry.

Evidence to progress being made is the fact that DC regulated online poker within its borders and Nevada began the online gambling licensing application process, also Massachusetts became the 40th state to legalize casinos within its jurisdiction.

Everyone believes it is only a matter of time for online gambling to be legal in the US, offshore companies have started preparing to re-enter the market. The future seems bright.

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