EU's compliance commissioner sounds a warning note
The European Union's no-nonsense compliance commissioner, Charlie McCreevy sounded a warning note at a European Policy Centre meeting in Brussels this week, asserting that it is "inevitable" that some of the cases his staff is currently working on in connection with EU member states and their gambling laws will go to the European Court of Justice.
"We have a lot of countries where we are at various stages of the legal procedures," McCreevy said at a European Policy Centre event. European Commission spokesman have revealed that up to 10 EU member nations are currently being investigated for denying companies in other EU countries access to gamblers, whilst maintaining state monopolies on the pastime.
Among those that have received reasoned opinions and warnings from the Commission are France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands and Greece.
"We have a dialogue going on with some member states… but for those where we cannot reach agreement we will proceed to the European Court of justice," McCreevy stated unequivocally.
"It's inevitable that some cases will be heard before the ECJ," he concluded.

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