live dealerMicrogaming has moved deeper into the live dealer movement with the launch of its “Diamond Edition” games. With these games, players will have access to a new and improved online casino experience.

In addition to high definition video streaming, these games feature advanced graphics which give players the sense that they are actually in a casino. Along with this, the games provide multiple statistical outputs which aid the chance of winning.

One of the most intriguing games in this collection is multi-player live roulette. With this game, players can see what others are doing in real time. This game is in response to other Microgaming multi-player offerings which have attracted a lot of attention and a large following.

The development of live dealer games is already paying off for Microgaming. At this time, there are 16 Microgaming customers using some sort of Live Games product – this is after only one year on the market. Now that more games are available – such as multi-player live roulette – this number is sure to increase in the near future.

Why Live Dealer Games are becoming so Popular

As an online casino player, you are looking for one thing: a realistic gaming experience. Although you may never get the sense that you are seated in a casino, live dealer games will get you as close to this experience as possible.

With the advancement in technology, live dealer games have quickly gained ground on more traditional offerings. No matter which game you choose, if it is a live dealer experience you will feel more involved. Add this to new features, such as high definition video and advanced graphics, and it is easy to see why these games are picking up steam.

Microgaming is hoping that its Diamond Edition live dealer games continue to attract a new audience while offering an online experience that can closely rival that of physically visiting a casino.

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