Verifying leads is one of the more complex tasks and challenges that marketers have to deal with online.

Basically, the problem is the following. Whenever someone subscribes to your newsletter / product / email list, you have very limited ways of telling whether or not the email they’ve provided is real. And even if it’s real, then is it the person’s main email or just some throwaway temporary account?

This whole situation creates a whole range of problems for marketers. To start with, we have high bounce rates because of the fake or temporary emails. Then, we have low open rates if the person used their secondary email address. And finally, we have low conversions, which is a combination of all of the above.

If you’re using a quality email delivery service like MailChimp then you can verify your leads over time based on the way they interact with your messages. However, doing it in real-time is basically impossible on your own.

These days, there’s a company called XVerify that provides a range of services that can help you with that task.

In short, they deliver a platform that will check and verify your customer’s data (or lead) in real time by looking at their email, phone, address, or whatever else you’re asking for in your subscription form.

If you want to enable it on your page, all you need is a JavaScript file provided by XVerify. It will look at whatever data the visitors is putting in your form, verify it, and return a success or failure message.

The software actually stops the user from submitting the form if the data doesn’t check out. In other words, whenever someone tries to provide incorrect contact details, they will see a message that asks them to try again.

This has two benefits:

  • people who try to input incorrect data intentionally will get stopped right away,
  • people who misspell their data get a chance to make a correction and still subscribe to your list.

Apart from checking if the details are correct or not, XVerify also looks into a database of known high-risk email addresses (like litigators, attorneys, and so on) and prevents them from appearing on your list.

These are addresses you wouldn’t generally want on your list anyway, as they can cause more trouble than profits.

Finally, XVerify is a lot of help if you’re not building leads on your own (through double opt-in), but buying them instead. You will always get a number of fake or old leads in every package you buy. XVerify can help you to find those addresses and remove them instantly.

In the end, XVerify seems like something that can help you big time if you’re dealing with fake leads a lot.

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