Affiliate marketers are in the business of making legitimate money online. They make an effort in their site’s marketing campaigns to invite visitors that can potentially become their sources of income.

Commissions earned from referring customers to an affiliate program is how affiliate marketers earn money and get back the money they invested on marketing their site.

But you know this part very well.

However, the process isn’t always as simple as this. Somewhere along the way, inaccurate numbers may be reported and such problems can make an affiliate marketer lose some hard-earned cash. What we’re talking about here are incorrect affiliate statistics that result in shaved earnings. Surely, this is something that an affiliate marketer does not want to deal with.

The Problem of Incorrect Stats

The problem is on the operator’s side. They may be operating on a faulty algorithm or faulty code that doesn’t equate to the real stats you’re making. For instance, you referred 100 people, but come payday, you were only paid for 80. Clearly, something is wrong in this picture.

The Solution to Avoid Incorrect Stats

More often than not, incorrect stats are a result of a technical issue. And if you don’t trust your operator’s system enough, you can take action on your own. Here are some tips on how you can handle incorrect stats:

Talk to the Operator/Partner

The first thing to do is let the affiliate manager of the company know that there’s something wrong with the system. Do this if you’re very sure that something is not adding up. Once you do, the affiliate manager should be able to give you a solution to the problem, or at least look into it. If they seem like they don’t care, they may be taking money off you intentionally.

Get Your Own Stats Tracker

This is your business and you need to guarantee that your stats are accurate and on point every single time. So instead of just relying on your operator’s system, get your own, too. Stats trackers or tracking systems will help you keep track, monitor and manage all your stats on the site.

Basically, you’ll have a go-to performance tracking system that doesn’t only keep your stats on point, but you will also be given relevant data on how your business is doing on a daily basis.

Despite having the need to invest in the system, know that this will better protect you from losing commissions too. Plus, when the time comes that you need to prove your partner’s inaccurate stats, you will have solid data.

Partner with Reputable Affiliate Programs

If you don’t want to be cheated on, then make sure you’re not partnering with the wrong crowd. Before getting in a relationship with someone, research about the company and the affiliate program itself. This goes without saying that you will need to invest time in reading feedback and perhaps, even talking to some of the affiliates of the company.

There’s no way around this. To get the money you have rightfully earned, partner up with an honest and reputable affiliate program.

Need an example?

How about the Casino Affiliates Program (CAP) here? The CAP Network offers real-time accurate reporting of stats to ensure transparency with their affiliates and makes sure that every penny is justly paid.

When it comes to money talk, we all have to remain adamant and persistent about keeping tabs on what we’re earning. Take action before you end up losing too much money.

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