It’s not rocket science to figure out that online gamblers enjoy bonuses, for whatever reason that may be. However, casino affiliates can make great use of figuring out the reasons why casino bonuses are important for your players. Once you figure out why your players are suckers for the bonuses on your site (or why they aren’t yet), you can start offering better bonuses and promotions and discover which ones are appealing to your audience and to new players.

We know affiliates are busy keeping track of stats, publishing content, closing advertising deals at the same time as they try to save the world at Call of Duty, so we don’t like them to waste their time. As a testimony to this claim, this article does all the work in figuring out what it is about bonuses that drives players crazy so that you can just take the knowledge, the tips and make the best of them at your website.

In the Mind of a Casino Player

Successful casino affiliates are often really good actors. No joke, they are good at getting in character and understanding what runs through an online casino player’s mind when they look for a gambling website. For a casino player a bonus translates into free money, and of course any type of free money is relevant in this industry, especially for players as their bankroll is the foundation of everything they’ll accomplish as gamblers.

When a player sees a chance to receive free money, whether it is given to them straight away or it is presented as an investment that will end up being fruitful in the short run, a little switch in their brain turns on. This signal tells the brain that this is probably a good deal they don’t want to miss on and creates a need to sign up to receive such bonus. It doesn’t matter if it is a sign up bonus, a match up bonus, a reload bonus, or any other type of give-away money promotion, bonus have two defining characteristics: the value they offer to players and the wagering requirements. Therefore, you can identify the importance that players give to bonuses by understanding how different types of players think about them.

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Newbies vs. Sharks: Give them what they want.

Amateur players will often fall for large, juicy bonuses without any to little regard of the wagering requirements and the cash-out conditions; attracting this group is crucial for getting new, inexperienced players, and all casino players have at some point been amateurs. Online casinos offer a fair share of large, juicy bonuses that seem extremely attractive at first glance so if you’re trying to pop some online casino cherries, this is what you should go for.

Seasoned players are not so easy to catch; they know what to look for in bonuses and can differentiate quality over quantity. These players are looking for more convenient wagering requirements and for more value to their investment. Online casinos do offer these bonuses, but they are not as flashy and good-looking as the ones mentioned in the paragraph above. Don’t worry though, because if what you want is seasoned, real money, stable players, they will know why the bonuses on your site are not screaming:


The best way to go about this is to keep in mind the group of players you want to attract, and this can change at any time (maybe go for newbies in January, then tackle the sharks in March). You can also pick a mixed approach in which you simultaneously offer different typed of bonuses. The important thing is that you know what type of players value what type of bonus, and then go from there.

You know what they say: “like bees to honey, casino players will fall for da money.” (I’ve actually never heard anyone say that and totally just made it up, but you get the point.)

Did you find this article helpful? What’s your experience with bonuses and attracting players? Let us and other affiliates know your opinions and thoughts!

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