google penguin updateWhen Google released its first Panda update last year, it seemed that the name got more attention that the update itself.

Despite the fact that many webmasters were still reeling from the Panda changes, Google came forward with another update. This time around the search engine giant has selected another quirky name: Penguin.

What’s with the Name?

When Google releases a new algorithm, it often times assigns a name. And if no name is assigned, you can leave it up to industry professionals to take care of this. For example, Webmaster World named the 2010 change the Mayday update.

At times, it seems that Google does not want to release its “code name” to the public. During the first Panda update, Search Engine Land was made aware of the name but was not allowed to reveal the details.

Penguins are Cute but this Update is Ugly

Everybody loves penguins. However, many webmasters and affiliate marketers are hating on this latest change.

Its alternate “name” – webspam algorithm update – says it all. In short, Google has targeted sites that are spamming the search results through techniques including but not limited to keyword stuffing and cloaking.

Can I File a Reconsideration Request?

Unfortunately, since this is an automatic algorithmic change you are unable to make a reconsideration request through your Google Webmaster Tools account.

Search Engine Land was told the following by Google:

Because this is an algorithmic change, Google has no plans to make manual exceptions. Webmasters cannot ask for reconsideration of their site, but we’re happy to hear feedback about the change on our webmaster forum.

April 24, 2012 will be a day that many people remember. This was the day that the Penguin update threw a wrench into their search engine marketing plan.

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