Two months since word first broke that Expekt was scamming affiliates out of their players by closing their accounts, there remains mixed word about the status of the situation.

An unnamed, inside source has stated that, “Expekt have totally cut off all communication.”

Expekt is owned by Betclic Everest Group which is based out of France. The group owns four gaming brands:, Betclic, Everest Gaming, and Expekt. Each of these companies are ran independently.

However, recently released a statement reassuring their affiliates in saying, “Since every one of the four companies operates absolutely autonomous, various changes on behalf of Expekt do not concern nor have any impacts on our affiliate program. Our program is running excellent for about 10 years, so will not close it in the future.”

Itsik Akiva, Director of Affiliate Marketing with Everest Affiliates, issued the following reassuring words, “On behalf of Everest Affiliates, I would like to clarify that our affiliate program operates independently from those of other companies in the Betclic-Everest group and will not be impacted by any potential changes. We are committed to continue to operate Everest Affiliates with the same high standards as we have been doing for many years.”

CAP forum member pjotter posted a message from Expekt Affiliates which may give some affiliates pause in picking up their flaming torches and battering rams. Expekt states in the letter that they are revamping their affiliate program with new features and introducing measures to effectively enforce their terms and conditions to mitigate affiliate abuse. The letter offers no timetable for when the Expekt affiliate program will resume business as normal. As pjotter points out, the letter also fails to address matters for affiliates whose accounts are closed on alleged fraud.

In a response in that thread, forum member DiverF1 shared a letter of his own from Expekt which explains that his affiliate account was closed due to his players having won over €10,000 at the site. Expekt offered DiverF1 an opportunity to open a new account but that they will be unable to transfer previous clients into the new agreement.

DiverF1 questions how he was able to earn a commission every month last year if his players were winning.

It’s hard to know precisely what to believe regarding the situation with Expekt’s affiliate program. Clearly, the site has work to do in order to regain the collective trust of an industry currently left to scratch its head.

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