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Emphasize Massive Bingo Jackpots

Maintain a focus on top online bingo jackpots in promotional efforts. Money has a way of helping people reassess their standards for how they’re willing to spend their time.

Are your readers aware that online bingo jackpots often exceed the largest online poker top prizes? Publicizing huge bingo jackpots can entice players into converting. Just this February, a woman from the UK turned a 25 pence bingo card into a £510,000 score at Jackpotjoy.

Set up Google alerts to deliver news containing terms like “bingo jackpot” to your inbox to help keep stories of huge bingo prizes front and center with your readers.

Run an In-House Bingo Promotion

If you’re willing to go the extra mile to increase player conversions, create bingo promotions for your readers. This can be incorporated as part of an email marketing campaign where each newsletter contains a new bingo number.

Give readers sufficient time to opt into your free bingo game promotion. In the meantime, hire a developer to create bingo cards customized with your brand logo. Distribute each participate a bingo card and copy of game rules via email. The first player to respond affirming they’ve created a bingo wins the top prize. This could be a couple hundred bucks out of your pocket (think of it as an investment in player conversions) or even a cash bonus at an online bingo site you promote.

Your prize as an affiliate is increased conversions, returning traffic, and more newsletter subscribers to promote to.

Top Online Bingo Programs

Sometimes conversion problems are more a function of the sites you are promoting than anything else. Here are a few of the top online bingo operators to promote:

  • Bingo at bet365. Top affiliate program bet365 offers a 30% revenue share on their popular bingo platform.
  • Fortune Affiliates offers CAP readers a special 50% rev share for the first three months through which you can promote their popular brand Giggle Bingo.
  • Ladbrokes is one of the most trusted iGaming brands in the UK where online bingo is very popular. Promote their bingo platform via Score Affiliates.

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