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This app does exactly what its name stands for by enabling affiliates to manage their website and their affiliate operations from their iPad or iPhone. Affilites are able to share any documents and stats reports with their customers, affiliate managers and employees.

This application was designed so that a person can run a company or organization from wherever they are, making it extremely convenient for those affiliates who travel a lot. All of your website’s data will be available on multitouch visual displays, such as tables, graphs, charts, maps, documents and dynamic dashboards.

We recommend this app for the traveler affiliate who needs to stay on top of their business wherever they are in the world. The downside to this app is that it was mainly designed for corporate business management, so if your website doesn’t run like a corporation this might not be very useful.

Microstrategy’s app is free to download, but it requires that you buy some licenses to the app features on the side.

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