For years, the guys at Bing have been adamant that they are going to contest Google for the majority share of searches – but does new insight show that they are further away than ever? Perhaps the most frightening point to be aware of if you are a Bing fan is that there are 4 million searches on Google for the word “Bing” each year, compared to a staggering 117million searches on Bing for the word “Google!”

However, that small fact is just the start of the worries when you delve deeper into the inner-workings of the search engine. When people search on Bing for a keyword of their choice, approximately 26.32% rely on the results from the first page while the remaining 73.68% opt to see what’s on the sequential pages before they click.

Good news for those who are struggling to rank on their chosen keywords I’ll admit, but not what bigger affiliates want to see when they are digging deep into their pockets to fund their SEO campaigns. This figure is alarming as Google are shown to have a whopping average click through rate (CTR) of 52.32% on their first page! That means if you’ve invested heavily to get to the top positions for your keywords, it was not in vain.

Of course, all this could be justified if Bing was increasing its market share for searches against Google and Yahoo, but yet again it seems that Bing is feeling the heat at 14.7% with Google having pushed back up to 65% of the markets’ search engine queries and Yahoo still remaining above them at circa 15.5% (a drop since last year). That means if you are spending your time trying to rank number one in Bing for your keywords, you are concentrating on a search engine with just over a fifth of the popularity of Google, half the first-page CTR of Google, and a 9.66% CTR on the first search term against Google’s 18.20%. For those who got a little lost there – it means the following:

Google Position 1 for Homepage vs. Bing Position 1 for Homepage (if Google had 100,000 clickson the top spot for a keyword or phrase)

Google: 18,200 Clicks vs Bing: 2,185 Clicks

That’s a whopping 16,015 difference or for the geeks who’ve been keeping up with me – just 12% as many people clicking on your site!

The next time you see one of those ornate reports describing how Bing or Yahoo is set to take over the Global Search market share due to a new merger, remember not to panic or suddenly start firing all cylinders in the other direction. At the moment, Google is in front and by the looks of it, it’s staying there.

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Daniel Laming spent over two years working as an affiliate manager for GTech and Red Interactive, but recently decided to pursue a role as a full-time affiliate working on website BigGainsNoPains with a team of 5, focusing on Online Casino and Online Bingo offers.



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