bet24Continuing its buying streak, Unibet has decided to up the ante and purchase Bet24 from Modern Times Group.

Bet24 is well known across Northern Europe for its sports betting and other gaming services. Once the deal is complete, Unibet is expected to receive €13.5 million for the entire Bet24 operation.

Late last year, Unibet purchased EurosportBet France in a deal with Solfive.

For those who are devoted Bet24 users or affiliates, it is important to note that Unibet has plans to rebrand the service under its own name.

Despite a name and brand change that will be complete within the next few months, Unibet intends to keep roughly 45 employees who are currently working for the company in Malta.

You weighed in on this in our forums… pjotter said, “Kind of ironic or sad that one of the pioniers in the fight for a liberalized gambling market is sold so short after the actual liberalization. However, perhaps predictable and not the first to get aquired of the smaller brands.”

Will this acquisition affect your affiliate business? Share your thoughts on the deal in our forum thread devoted to the topic.

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