Affiliate managers are a very important part of the online gambling industry, as they are the fundamental link between affiliates and the online gaming sites with which you want to make business.

The affiliate manager-affiliate relationship is demanding. It requires open channels of communication and a lot of understanding from both parties. Several times you will find that your affiliate manager is giving you more headaches than your significant other, and that’s why it is important to find one that you can work with. You wouldn’t propose to a girl who nags at every little thing you do, right? Well, you also should not want to be involved with an affiliate manager who doesn’t bring profits and success to your website and manages to get on your nerves every time you talk to them. You should want to commit to a good affiliate manager, and it is important that when you cross paths with one you are able to recognize them.

Luckily, this is an area where we can help. After conducting some research on our forums and reading what affiliates have to say on the matter we realized that, according to our visitors, an affiliate manager should overall just be SUAVE.


Yes, it is as simple as that. SUAVE.






  • Smart: Problem resolution is a key skill in affiliate management, and smart people tend to be better at this. You want to work with someone who understands the ins and outs of their site, who is an online gambling expert, who knows how to work with the right tools, and how to accommodate their site’s demands and your site’s preferences harmoniously.
  • Understanding: The ideal affiliate manager will realize that even though they work for the site they represent, they also work with you, and should comprehend your business scoop and your audience’s preferences. An understanding affiliate manager will create promotions and deals for your site, and in the process do their best effort to merge your interests with those of the site they work for.
  • Adaptable: A person who is adaptable can learn new things fast and adjust to new situations easily. An adaptable affiliate manager is that who can understand you, the way you communicate, the things you like and how you want the affiliate manager-affiliate relationship to be. This is key to ensure the deals you close with their site represent your site’s interests, as your affiliate manager will adapt to your preferences as best as they can.
  • Versatile: Your affiliate manager should be able to create different promotions and deals for your site, in addition to the generic ones. Even if you are not a big fish in the affiliate pond, your affiliate manager should realize the importance of product differentiation and recognize that every site has a different touch, and therefore has different needs. As your relationship with a site grows, your affiliate manager should be able to create promotions that take into account the various needs interest of the site they represent as much as your site and what your players like.
  • Efficient: Does your affiliate manager deliver responses in a timely manner? Are they on top of the conversations you two are holding? Do they seem knowledgeable on how their site works and what they can offer? These are key questions to ask because you need someone who is delivering and responsive so you can make the most of your time and money.

Have you ever dealt with an inefficient, lazy affiliate manager before? Tell us how you overcame this issue and share the qualities you find most necessary in affiliate manager at our forum.



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