This player has won 9 significant jackpots!
Nine consecutive jackpot wins at the same online casino must surely be an online gambling record envied by most online gamblers, but that's what a Blackjack online casino player using the handle MissMA has achieved over the years.
After opening her account at the Internet casino in the Casino Rewards  group in April 2001, this lucky player has managed to amass an impressive $616 300.51 after hitting significant progressive jackpots on nine different occasions. Each win over the years has been worth over $20 000, with the biggest single payout a noteworthy $183 000.
Last week MissMA made her most recent win of $57 665 on the popular Treasure Nile progressive slot at Blackjack Ballroom.
"Winning a jackpot is a great thrill – and after nine, I have come to believe that the next one is always just around the corner. I really think I have an angel sitting on my shoulder," said MissMA. "I used to be a big casino player, but I like this so much better because it's in the comfort of my own home and 'no smoking'," she added

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