In the world of affiliate marketing, there is nothing more important than trust. The same holds true for those who gamble online, whatever the game may be. Earlier this week, we let you in on the 10 Worst Gambling Affiliate Programs. It is a shame that any company had to be included on this list, but facts are facts.

A couple days ago, 24Poker had its gaming license suspended by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This led to Microgaming immediately suspending the network on which games its games are played.

Microgaming did not have much to say, but did release this statement:

“Microgaming today announced that all game play on the 24 Poker website has been blocked due to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission suspending 24 Poker’s gaming license. Both Microgaming and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission have tried without success to contact the 24 Poker Management Team. Further announcements will be made as additional information becomes available.”

At this point, it appears that the 24Poker management team has disappeared. This shows anything but being reputable and trustworthy. In fact, there is a good chance that this move will kill the reputation of 24Poker forever.

As you can imagine, 24Poker players are up in arms about what is going to happen next. Not only are they out of a service that they previously trusted, but it is unknown what will happen to any deposits that have been made.

Situations such as the one with 24Poker are what often times give the online gambling industry a bad name. Although 24Poker has been exposed, many players have been harmed along the way.

What are your feelings on 24Poker? Would you like to see us create a list of the 10 worst online poker services? Leave a comment below!

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