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Youtube SEO

Gregger asked 1 year ago
From working on CAP TV I have seen that a lot of affiliates are on youtube. It seems like a well done and high ranking video with some tips on playing online poker can send a decent amount of traffic to a site. What I wanted to discuss were the youtube algorithms.

Knowing that Google acquired youtube, I was wondering if any of the google code spilled over onto youtube. As far as I see it, the on video factors are: title, description and keywords. I’m sure youtube also takes into account the age of the video, views and links, but I haven’t been able to provide substantial proof either way. Has anyone experimented?

3 Answers
alexpratt answered 1 year ago
I know nothing about this and would be really interested to know how it works – Also the related videos it suggest as often these are really odd and make no sense

alexpratt answered 1 year ago
Sorry duplicat post

Gregger answered 1 year ago
Good point about the related videos Alex. CAP TV will sometimes appear as a related video to other affiliate targeted youtube shows discussing the same subject, that makes sense. But sometimes it doesn’t go as well and on our videos, I”ll see something like this: