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Submission tools?

PhilPe asked 2 years ago
Hi gurus,

Can anyone recommend a good auto submission tool for free directories, etc. I’m not sure if this is correct, but it’s my understanding that if you use a bad tool and your site gets over submited it will get banned. Everyone agree?
Send us the names of those tools if possible:hattip:

5 Answers
Seomaster answered 2 years ago
I will suggest you to not use these auto submission tools.
Almost all Directory moderators hates these Auto Submissions. These software submit your website in the Root Category and hence you get rejected. Website submitted in the wrong category will be rejected by the moderator or if listed, does not help with the Search Phrase. You can get your site and IP address banned forever in most directories by using auto submission tool.
Now days most Web Directories have a verification code entry to prevent such process. So there are 0% chances of getting any links by using these software submissions.
The best way to do submission is start submitting yourself or hire a experienced manual directory submitter.
I hope you will not try any auto submission tool for directory submission anymore . <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Good Luck

ioc answered 2 years ago
I use IBP to submit to different directories. great tool I used ever.

Inspiration answered 2 years ago
I used some paid inclusions only.

Directories which are not gambling related are not that great for SE positioning, but useful for indexing.

The page your site gets listed on should have a minimum of PR2 and less than 100 links on it.

Some directories are very expensive and ask an annual fee, just look for directories which have had a steady PR so you get what you pay for.


PhilPe answered 2 years ago
Ok guys, I get it, manual submission is the best option, right?
Does anyone have a compreensive list of the ones that you submit to?


Seomaster answered 2 years ago
I have list of 2500 Free SEO Friendly Directories. I will charge 225$ to submit to all those directories. You can use maximum of 10 Different Anchor Texts.

Good Luck