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Google & Affiliates: Love or Hate

Gregger asked 2 years ago
Interesting read on Gray Wolf SEO. The article talks about how affiliates aren’t building brands, but are doing all of the leg work that they use for research. I think its also true that affiliates spend a lot on adsense.

The big comment that stood out was the claim that Google wants to be the biggest affiliate ever.

Why Google HQ Loves Thin Affiliates

What do you think? Is Google an affiliate hater, like we have heard before, or are they in fact trying to become the biggest affiliate around?

2 Answers
Dominique answered 2 years ago
Google serves up a product search, a search with products using google checkout etc.

Of course they are an affiliate.

Poker Dude answered 2 years ago
Google loves anything that makes money. If Google came out and explicitly stated that it’s OK to create Thin Affiliate sites, they would get a lot of backlash from the Internet community at large. It’s politically easier for them to state that they do NOT like thin affiliate sites, and “love content sites”, but secretly they love any thin sites that promote AdSense and make them money. This is non-debatable.