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Yahoo Traffic – ???

Kevin11 asked 1 year ago
Is it just me or does Yahoo traffic seem less than expected???

I’de really appreciate some opinions from anyone ranking well in Yahoo because I have some top 10 single keyword game related ranks and they arent producing anywhere near what I expected.

My rx sites are doing okay $$$ wise on yahoo but the casino stuff stinks.

Opinions appreciated.

3 Answers
Randy answered 1 year ago
Most of my decent rankings are in Yahoo too. This month overall has been pretty slow for me though, maybe because of the holidays?

Classics answered 1 year ago
Yahoo is about 40% the size of Google, but if you don’t have parallel good rankings on the two the comparison doesn’t really mean anything. Remember that “yahoo” right now does also mean MSN, which by my estimates is about half the size of Yahoo, so together they are about 60% of Google. They both deliver good traffic, but depending on the terms you may or may not have Overture ads above you.

“Less than expected” is not a very distinct term… if you expected the moon, well it will be less. Personally Yahoo has always been about what I expected, about half of Google.

Perhaps you are really wondering if the traffic you get from certain terms is less than you expected.

emg35 answered 1 year ago
Last month Yahoo and MSN were huge for me but this month I’ve seen a big turn around with Yahoo and MSN slowing way way down and Google way way up. I haven’t figured out why though.