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google on speed….

Bonus Paradise asked 3 years ago
Seems little sites almost have no chance anymore
or do i misunderstand this article here… XXX
What is your opinion to that?


3 Answers
jagan answered 3 years ago

I am not fully agree with all the things said in article, but i see that Google Everflux exists and the results keep changing day by day as i too monitored for some of my important keywords in these days!

I will also say that the sites like Digg, Stumble etc got high importance!

Dominique answered 3 years ago
Interesting point of view. One would have to dig for Cutt’s comments on his blog…

dogster answered 3 years ago
these kind of articles bring conspiracy theories in my mind. they are mostly speculations and just an opinion of a person about a thing they dont fully know or understand.
there are guidelines from Google what to do and not what to do to achieve good ranking. Ranking falls and comes back as i learnt through the years. Sometimes my sites fall down 20 pages, sometimes they completely disappear, but they come back shortly in the search results. i used to stress and think/panic i screwed up something, but the ranking and positions always came back. Probably when they run their calculations. The Google Dance lives on, one just has to get used to the rhythm. :wink-wink