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Yahoo flipping out?

Diceman asked 1 year ago
Ok, so I have been working on fixing my SEO for my site. BUT…! Crazy crap! I get this off part of my site in the top 2 for “free online casinos”. Good thing is, my top sites partners are getting more traffic. Bad thing for me, I am confused as hell.…&cop=&ei=UTF-8…/autorank.html
The file for this site was corrupt so it looks terrible. Never got down to fixing it but also I cant contact any of the people in the topsites anyway.

I noticed this was not limited to just my site however. Look at the main ranking page!
I did not look to see if anyone made a post on this yet but if not then this should be fun for the hardcore SEO. Whats the deal?

6 Answers
Stupid answered 1 year ago
Yeah, AutoRankPro sucks donkey balls – for some reason your link page will rank the highest of all – I had the simillar exp. last year on Google…
My advice – dont use it.

Diceman answered 1 year ago
This is a new thing to me. Peoples personal links are even up there for the autorank. It really has me scratching my head. I know there are lots on here that know so hopefully someone might explain. I dont mind the rankings but its with the wrong pages and now my main page is gone.

justred answered 1 year ago
I have given up trying to undertstand yahoo.

I can only imagine thet they themselves have too. I mean, what would YOU think if you were sitting in yahoo as an employee of their SE team, and you looked at the results of your work for most popular keywords?

I would give up and find another job.

Yahoo SE staff meeting, Monday morning:

“Morning all. Great job in the last 6 months. We brought spam down from 99.9% to 99.89%, and it only took us a light year in SE terms. Good job. At this rate we’ll catch up with Google in 3619 years. Double bonus for everyone and take a vacation. It on the company.”:shakebutt

Greek39 answered 1 year ago
I agree Yahoo is tuff to understand. The bot they use is from the eighties, I would give up. My sites are indexed on all major SE’s including the paid inclusions ones, which I did’t pay for. Then there is Yahoo, I sit back in amazement. I am indexed just not for serps, it has been that way for over a year now.

Yahoo is the worst, even if my site was indexed I still wouldn’t trust them. I think they have to invest a little in the company. Perhaps yahoo is good for one thing, looking for spam.

yahoo is junk! greek39

Diceman answered 1 year ago
Its very odd to say the least. I am listing well for a few words to. I need to fix that topsites bad hahaha
Bad thing of it all, I still dont think I am listed on Google for anything. It sucks!
Its like someone said.. Hey dont let that dude list on the site anymore hahaha

Webmaster7 answered 1 year ago
Yahoo is releasing a new bot, to replace the old slurp. Maybe there will also be changes in the serps.