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google? why ?

jmelwak asked 2 years ago
hi all, i have my site up and running for 1 year now and i cant seem to get all my pages indexed by google? does anyone know whay im doing wrong? everyother search engine all my pages show up,, no google?
any input is greatly appreciated.

10 Answers
webber286 answered 2 years ago
Google is odd. At one point they only had a handful of our pages indexed, then they had 3X the number of pages we have indexed (we have about 2,500 BTW). Right now they are pretty close to accurate reporting 2,470. Not sure if this helps, but you may want to try searching for terms on pages that aren’t showing as indexed to see if you actually are indexed.

elgoog answered 2 years ago
how many pages does your site have?

btw, i get a half black page when i look at our site (firefox)

darko123 answered 2 years ago
some pages are 1/2 black for me to and also some hidden text – which is why google had penalised you.

bleuze answered 2 years ago
OK. Well, I’ve got a very similiar problem. I started promoting my site,, in February 2006. The only page that is indexed is my index page. And that’s still at a PR2 even though I’ve updated the site just about every other day!
A page rank predication page ( shows me at PR2, but predicts me at PR4.
What gives and what am I doing wrong?

elgoog answered 2 years ago
put these words at the start of your description tag:
“Sports Wagering 24 X 7 Online Sports Betting”
it will not improve your pr, but better ranking for these words

bleuze answered 2 years ago

Thanks for the tip. I did what you suggested!

jmelwak answered 2 years ago
half black pages? thats weird? i wonder whats doing that? does anyone know. and im gonna have to check the hidden words on there i shouldnt have any of that i sure dont see any hidden text can you please tell me where you see it? :rollover:

elgoog answered 2 years ago
1) When using Firefox, all your sites flash elements are not shown… I recommend you make the site compatible for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

2) using Internet Explorer 6 ,I noticed all your links to other pages are in the flash. Google cant read anything that is within theses flash elements, all your links to other pages are not seen by google and all the text that is within these Flash elements is not read by Google. Because of that, Google only sees your index site, and all the text and links that are outside of the flash elements.

3) The flashes seem to be working in Internet Explorer but all of them seem to have the “Click here to activate” bug, you can go to:
for a guide on how to fix this.

cheers Elgoogs son

bleuze answered 2 years ago
Jmelwak, I use Firefox mostly and I did not see the black pages. However, guys like me have a very difficult time seeing the blue text on the black background.

jmelwak answered 2 years ago
hey thanks all for your replies. i really appreciate it! <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> i have tried to download the programs for the click to activate problem, not helping at all when i run the program it keeps saying does not match internet explorer. i tried downloading all these none work??? does anyone have any other ideas on how to fix this??