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Indexing Of Internal Pages

gravity asked 1 year ago
My site is one month old today and so far I have no internal pages indexed. How long does it normally take? With the way the googlebot has been hitting my site this month(about 250 visits) I would think I would have something other than the home page indexed. My SEO is pretty tight on the majority of the internal pages, still working on the rest.



4 Answers
Waz answered 1 year ago
do you have a sitemap?
getting some internal links would also be good.

gravity answered 1 year ago
The only sitemap I have is for google sitemaps. I’m working on a sitemap for visitors.

Astronaut answered 1 year ago
I’ve launched some sites recently, and from my experience I’d say it takes 1-2 months to get the internal pages indexed, so I wouldn’t worry too much just yet.

RCeo answered 1 year ago
Same here. Yahoo indexed half of my pages in 12 days. Google drives me
nuts with only mainpage!