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Yahoo Directory Question

Randy asked 1 year ago
Is Yahoo still accepting online gambling site submissions to their directory? Or did they stop accepting those when they banned the ads from Overture?
5 Answers
Classics answered 1 year ago
I think we need a guinea pig to find out… <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

They removed categories for sites that actually directly offer only gambling, but left information sites like all the sports handicapping ones, so I would assume they will take more such sites. (I’d emphasize that you did not offer gambling in the submission.)

Randy answered 1 year ago
I guess I’ll find out and report back then.

Anonymous answered 1 year ago

They removed categories for sites that actually directly offer only gambling

I didn’t know that. I knew they weren’t taking paid ads but removing what would be the most relevant results for anyone typing in online gambling is almost unbelievable.

did I understand that correctly?

WOW! some heavy influence is being flexed to accomplish that.

The gov really does have better places they could be spending that kind of resources and efforts.

what a shame.

Classics answered 1 year ago
“did I understand that correctly?”

I don’t think so.

1) The search results haven’t been effected at all, and the almost certainly will not be. No reason to.

2) Yahoo removed categories in its Directory for sites that directly offered online gambling, for example,
but they did not remove gambling sites that link to online gambling sites, for example,

This is a logical thing for them to do. They stopped taking money from sites offering online gambling via the Overture ads, so they also have stopped taking money from these sites for being in their Directory… which is basically the same idea. It wouldn’t have made much sense to not take money from these sites with their right hand while their left hand accepted it.

krystall2 answered 1 year ago
They don’t accept gambling. However when I did try awhile ago they did return my money.