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No Link – URL Text Question

Roo asked 3 years ago
Hi guys,

I just wanted to know if anyone else had noticed that by having your site URL written on other sites but not linking to your actual site, had helped in your search engine rankings. – Does this help? – I know this does.


7 Answers
Dominique answered 3 years ago
I don’t know if it helps, but I noticed today for the first time that google listed a link that read as a backlink. This is not an active actual link, just a mention of the name, and it is showing up as a backlink.

JOE_DEEDS answered 3 years ago
A backlink means that the search engine gets to your site through a hyperlink from another site. So a site that references your site in text only and does not format a hyperlink will not provide a backlink for you. The search engine does not have anything to follow in that case. Or I could be wrong, Dominique please share what page you found providing a backlink this way if you don’t mind.

Was that your question Roo? Reading this again, maybe you meant if it will count as a backlink if it’s a hyperlink without the www subdomain?

The www subdomain is really not needed, and often is the incorrect way of accessing a site. Depending on your ISP/server, and will be different, the same, or redirects. Your email isn’t roo(at) – neither should your web address be.

It’s really useless, saying duba-u, duba-u, duba-u my site dot com waste a lot of time in commercials and so on!

Additionally, (www.) is the best way to link to your site, don’t forget the slash.

Bonusgeek answered 3 years ago
Hi Joe, can you elaborate the benefit of having the slash at the end.

elgoog answered 3 years ago
but be consequent
ever – ever – ever!!!

use just with www or without

otherwise you’ll get big problemos!!!

LadyHoldem answered 3 years ago
I’ve seen the same thing Dom, i always visit everysite that shows a backlink for me, and on occaision someone will mention being a member rather than a member… the link wont be clickable.. it isnt a link at all, just text.. I search and search the site for another mention, or an actual backlink.. and never find one, however it comes up when im searching backlinks

It seems like this would be unbenificail.. if someone searches for ladies of holdem.. that site also says on it.. just guessing here though..

webber286 answered 3 years ago
Can’t see how just having the text of the domain on a page would help you in Google. Links are what Google holds in the utmost of importance when calculating votes from one site to another. Never heard of a vote counting in this manner. It would be interesting to see the page Dom is talking about however.

JOE_DEEDS answered 3 years ago
Obviously, the slash at the end is not needed in order for the URL to work, but it would be considered to be proper style. The short answer: it’s faster for your server – additionally when the end-user (browser, search engine) receives a faster response from the web server, generally everyone is better off.

A more detailed answer if you are bored:

Just like your computers file system, URLs are hierarchical in structure.

The very first thing that’s done to resolve the URL is that the base directory is located – everything after the right of the final / is ignored. Looking to the right of the final slash gives us the final segment of the URL, the document being requested. A slash at the end tells us that the final segmant is null, and to look no further. When no slash is used, the final segment cannot be assumed by the server, and in most cases the web server sends a redirect message, then the browser requests the correct page to display.

So basically, as you already know these redirection errors take place behind the scene, and URLs without a final forward slash will still load. However, this can waste time and resources. Considering the massive amount of users and content on the internet, this could amount to a lot of wasted time…

Additionally, the browser automatically assumes that with just a hostname request you want the main index to display. This means that hostnames with final slashes are only in good form.