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Wingows Poker? Spam

AmCan asked 1 year ago
does anyone know who is Wingows poker? is it part of an affiliate program i may belong to?

I just received a player solitation using my affilliate email. Thanks to whomever sold my address to a spammer.

29 Answers
WagerX answered 1 year ago
@Nandakishore 129597 wrote:

Google returns more than 100,000 pages for the keyword ‘Wingows’. It is also promoted by UK PokerNews. The Affiliate sign up form looks okay. They pay 25% revenue share. So, it may be worth becoming their affiliate.

Online Casino Newsroom

If they aren’t CAP certified AND they are condoning spam then why would you want to be their affiliate when there are other quality programs available?

onlypokernuts answered 1 year ago
Hey guys,

I did some checking and I found the following:

1. Wingows Poker is a Poker room on the DGS network and their payouts to players are actually really fast, sometimes even less then 24 hours.

2. When you search for it on Google you get more then 100,000 results, not due to span but due to the fact that some people typed Wingows in forums instead of Windows. I also didn’t find a traces of spam and they support a no spam policy.

3. Wingows Poker affiliate program – I registered to see and I was quite shocked actually. I send an email asking about their deals and got really quick and professional answers. They also offered me some really cool promotions to help me kick start. I went and asked a friend of mine and he said that he deals with them already and really like the personal attention he gets…

4. Wingows Poker / Pokernews – I read the review there and you guys should read it too, it’s really impressive:

“There has been a huge change at Wingows Poker with the launch of their new software in May 2007. Leaps and bounds ahead of their previous software, Wingows Poker will seriously give many other online poker rooms a run for their money. The new client delivers an online poker experience that is fresh and exciting and is a welcome relief when compared to some other online experiences. With a new client, plus new bonus structures and tournaments Wingows Poker is sure to become a dominant player in the lucrative online poker market.”

All in all, I think it’s a trusted place to be on and just a new place who we don’t really know yet.


onlypokernuts answered 1 year ago
I hope you didn’t mean that I work for Wingows OmahaHustler, cause then I wonder where my pay is <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Seriously, I’ve been an affiliate for almost 6 years already so I kinda know that sometimes people just like to say wrong things. I’ve decided to check those things and see if they are true..


Pokeraddict answered 1 year ago
@webber286 135950 wrote:

I went through the whole rogue section on Casinomeister and didn’t see any DGN properties listed. Can you provide a link?

Many (most?) DGN skins are licensed by Futurebet. Some have closed shop like Bayou, Carnaval and Alamo to name a few. Pokes Poker is still open and owes out over $1,000,000 and has since they were on Ongame.

Wingows was not a Futurebet skin. They just shared the network with them and have blamed their slow cashouts on that. I’m guessing that is why they left or are leaving DGN.

webber286 answered 1 year ago
Ok, I’ve confused myself. DGN stands for Digital Gaming Network or Dynamic Gaming Systems? They both list Wingows Poker, so maybe they are the same somehow, but their other brands don’t match up.

I was wondering about Dynamic Gaming Systems.

Pokeraddict answered 1 year ago
Wingows is leaving or has already left DGN (Futurebet, Poker World, Miami Poker etc.) to go to DGS (Jungle Poker). For a time, and it still may be going on, they were on both networks. I have not played on DGN ever since there is such a large Futurebet influence that started when they were kicked off of Ongame so I’m not sure if Wingows is still in it. A 2+2 poster said that most FB skins are now bust and don’t connect to DGN anymore making it a ghosttown. DGS looked a bit deserted too. If you start software licensed by Futurebet there are no games according to this poster.

I’ve never heard of Jungle Poker ever having cashout issues. I’ve never heard of the other sites listed as skins.

Halelovas answered 1 year ago
No matter who they are or what this is, their outfit has most definetely chosen one of the most unprofessional names possible!
Will they soon open a sister site of Pinux Casino and MsGos Sportsbook as well?? Alternatively, Las Hegas Bingo Room sounds like a good business idea for them as well!

Pokeraddict answered 1 year ago
FWIW I just downloaded Pokes Poker, a site literally owing out over $1,000,000 and they still connect to the network. There are 3 micro NL games going. When Full Contact left it really finished off DGN, especially if Wingows is gone too.

Pokeraddict answered 1 year ago
@dgoin 135243 wrote:

I want to make a correction about something I typed. IT was not Wingows that was the problem with there cash outs. The problem was the network they were on. And I know quite a few people that still support them.

There are reports from several players that cashouts have stopped or slowed to a crawl again. Wingows is certainly a play at your own risk site.