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Trying real hard but no luck

Guide2casino asked 1 year ago
I am trying to get a listing on Google searches for “online casinos” thats a tough one…

At my pc I am listed at page 7 – at others at page 19 – I think I dropped to gabe 19….any advice would be nice :baaa:


2 Answers
antoine answered 1 year ago
If you think about it this way, page 7 is really good… that means you have about 100 000 listings behind you. Everyone is competing for the top pages and a lot of it while some people will deny this, is pure luck.

I wish i had some good advise, i could also use it myself.


dp26 answered 1 year ago
I think you should be congratulated on achieving a page 7 rank with google.

It’s because of Googles popularity that you need to know the workings of the google search engine. Without knowledge of it you will be ranked lower than all other sites that are only slightly familiar with the Google algorithm.

There are two main parts to the algorithm google uses, the first is its text matching system, whereby Google tries to find pages relevant to what the searcher has entered. The second and equally important part of the algorithm is of course the Google patented Pagerank system.

Google gives a lot of “weight” to the title tag when searching for keywords. So make sure your most important keywords or keyphrases appear in the title tag. It seems to work best if you have other words in your title tag, too, after your keywords, but try to remain under 35-40 characters.

Google does not use meta tags such as keywords or description tags. This is because the text in these tags cannot be seen by visitors to a website. And Google feels these tags will be abused, by webmasters placing lots of unrelated words in them in order the get more visitors.

The lack of support for meta tags means that Google creates your description from the first few lines of text on your page, this means you have to have your keywords and phrases right at the top, if it finds them your page becomes more relevant. If it doesn’t the rest of your page has to work harder to become relevant.

Google considers keyword density in the body of a page for determining relevancy too, so make sure your keywords and phrases appear a couple of times throughout the whole page. Don’t go overboard though, a density of 6-10% seems to work best.

One final tip having your keywords and phrases in links which point to your site. It is a good idea to have the linking text contain your keywords as Google even says itself that it analyzes pages that links come from too, in it’s description of it’s pagerank technology.

How much keyword laden links matter is anyone’s guess. But I have noticed a lot of sites which give the HTML code to visitors who want to exchange links do include keywords in the actual linking area. You should do something like this to on your links page. Say something like “if you want to link to this site, please use the following code”.

Search engine ranking’s and submissions can be a full time job in its self so I wish you luck but I think you are well on the way to achieving your goal.

I use web Position Gold to submit pages to search engines and it’s a great tool for optimising pages for high rankings in any search engine of your choice and I find it gives great results with not much effort. If your interested you can download a copy from my site

Good Luck