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Who do you folks trust?

denpubl asked 3 years ago
Hi all,
I’ve started a total redo of my site, and while doing keyword research on
Wordtracker, IBP, Overture, and more. I find wildly varying results for the same keyword(s). Since part of Wordtrackers database is Overture, I figured they should be close, but there are huge variances in the traffic numbers. I know Wordtracker is for 90 days and most others are for 30 days, one case is for “this month” which would be 15 days.

I’m leaning towards Wordtracker primarily because of the KEI (out of 800 potential keywords casino related, in Google there were about 6-7 “good” keywords, MSN is much better with a couple dozen).

Would appreciate any feedback you could give on “who do you trust?” (sounds like a TV show huh?)


2 Answers
Chatmaster answered 3 years ago

That is actually a good question… In general there are many factors that effect changes with regards to which keywords are the best. For example current happenings in the industry… I do however recomend that you check out this tool x as it has the best scoring strategy available as far as the latest algo’s are concerned…

denpubl answered 3 years ago
That was a great recommendation Chatmaster. You’re right, if accurate it gives some good comparision info. Wish they had a KEI tho.

What value do the rest of you place on Wordtrackers KEI info? I found some real suprises there.

Very, very few “good” casinos keywords with a high KEI! Pretty obvious some of the lesser volume keywords are more easily obtainable than than “online casinos” “online gambling” etc.

What do most of you feel is the minumum Google volume of hits is worth targeting?:tooconfus

I do respect all your opinions on this thanks in advance!:clapper: