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What is your most successful marketing method

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysWhat is your most successful marketing method
td4 asked 3 years ago
What have you found to be the most successful way of getting new players to your site?

I know there are many factors in determining how many quality players you get or how many depositing real money players you get.

What I am interested in is to find out which form of marketing has worked the best for you over the last two years.

18 Answers
CasinoBonanza answered 3 years ago
SEO for me too!

casinojack answered 3 years ago
SEO is great for long term, try and find those niche markets..every day I find more..

Social Media you have to love! Facebook and twitter do great!

Also, though I never see it mentioned, online classifieds work, but need a paradigm shift to make them work.

Also I encourage you to look at torrents. Lots of nice money to be made and a lot of affilaite programs even have e-books etc ready for you to go!

And for me personally, I love “video seo”, is amazing what you can do with the video sites out there…cheap and free to start if you on a budget, but 100% the best ROI for me.

bonusbeast answered 3 years ago
SEO has worked best for me

metallian answered 3 years ago
Social Media? That is a lot, but with f.ex facebook and twitter- my friend would kick my ass if I used it to promote my affiliatepages/deals.

Simoneaton answered 3 years ago
What is ‘other’?

Poker Dude answered 3 years ago
SEO has always worked best for me. PPC, which is severely limited here in US, is usually a large flush of money down the toilet. Social Media – not sure how this works in this industry.

shortow answered 3 years ago
td4 you sound like me….social what?

Look on the bright side – imagine how much more traffic you’ll be getting when you are across all these new developments

td4 answered 3 years ago
Thank you for all the interesting and useful replies. Only problem is I feel like a fossil now.

I have been out of the affiliate side of things only since the end of 2007 and the whole thing has been turned on it’s head. i never even thought about how to effectively use social media.

My re-education started a few weeks ago, but now I see there is still a looooooooong way to go.