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Whats the Best Webhosting Company??

online18casino asked 3 years ago
In terms of SEO with a well balanced price, I am looking for a new web host. I am in the USA, right now with ixwebhosting, and they have slow server responce times as well as a lot of server downtime. everything else about them i love, but those two things are pretty importaint!

What does everyone else use?

13 Answers
pokerseo answered 3 years ago
uk webhosting company csnewmedia are quite good – dedicated server and a few IP’s is reasonable, service impeccable, uptime excellent from my experience

Robingbg answered 3 years ago
I can recommend Web Hosting, Website Hosting, Unlimited Domain Hosting, Multiple Domain Hosting – CirtexHosting
You can find coupons on google that gives to the half price.

I ordered 2 years and used 1 year so far no problems!

robyroy answered 3 years ago
i reccommand Eukhost , from uk, excelent services, excelent uptime and response.

BigDaddy answered 3 years ago has worked well for us. Excellent packages and 24/7 customer support.

BishamonMedia answered 3 years ago
Hostgator work well for me, excellent 24/7 support staff and ALWAYS resolve an issue no matter how long it takes

bonusbeast answered 3 years ago
I prefer hostgator or 1and1, both are reliable and well priced

Renee answered 3 years ago
PLus 1 for hostgator – I’ve never had any issues with them and they are super fast to do anything you want done..

I’ve also been through moving data from one server to another and the downtime was almost non existent.

Good luck!

tomtom24 answered 3 years ago
I have a few hosters arround the world (Europe and US), but the best one is US based (Dallas). It’s a smaller company, but great support :

edit (forgot): they accept paypal, as far as I know, also moneybookers, it’s cpanel incl. fantastico (or whatever the name of the auto installer is <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> ) and a great support (never left me alone with my probs!

casinojack answered 3 years ago
Personally, and I know may will kill me, hate hostgator love fdc….but i need unmetered pipes so….

addaminsane answered 3 years ago
ix webhosting was my first host ever. I liked their unique cpanel but servers were terrible. it appears however that many shared hosting providers are significantly improving these days with new hardware.

Midphase is pretty good and so is JustHost