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November End of Month Poll – US Based Affiliates

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysNovember End of Month Poll – US Based Affiliates
Professor asked 1 year ago
Ok guys we are nearing the end of the month. This is the first full month after US Legislation has gone into effect. I am splitting this poll in half. This one is for US Based Affiliates who derive the majority of their income from US players. A second poll is being set up for Non US affiliates. Please do not vote or post comments in this poll if you are NOT a US Based Affiliate. Please put your answers in the other poll. Thanks

How is your business this month?

9 Answers
Professor answered 1 year ago
Come guys lets weigh in here. Only 3 votes?

axl answered 1 year ago
Worse month in in the last 27 months! Some programs are surely cutting that head of cabbage in halves and quarters! :slapface:

Lenny answered 1 year ago
Best Month Ever

detordiggei answered 1 year ago
Slightly below average, basically as usual!
And the best is that i didn’t change so many banners, just the Playtech from Casino Blasters and Casino Partners, but I still have on my main website spaces the Microgaming groups with the 11 States blocked.
Is important to say that my network was not growing more than the previous months (i mean in visits), and that my US visitors are the 90%.
December as started also like every other month in the past, I was pretty sure since the beginning that not so much should be changed with the introduction of the new law for the affiliates, probably the residents in the US have more problems to re-organize the withdrawal methods, for me it was a problem since the beginning so…nothing is changed!… :terms:

Nauti Kitten answered 1 year ago
axl wrote:
Worse month in in the last 27 months! Some programs are surely cutting that head of cabbage in halves and quarters! :slapface:

Same here, and oddly enough, October was the best month ever. Go figure!

Holis answered 1 year ago
we were up by 10% and Dec. is looking even better – already 75% above

AmCan answered 1 year ago
I’ve been wanting to turn back the clock since i woke up on October 3rd.

Well low and behold: My november earnings were about the level they were back in may of 2003 <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous answered 1 year ago
Nov was dismal but this month I’ve picked up considerably at my old home-base sponsor … that being RA/ CR.

Brightshare just keeps coming up with ways to not make the kind of money they should be making.

Not saying they’re corrupt or anything like that but they don’t need to be when having that bundling policy going on to be able to find a way … seemingly every other month .. to not produce. And the months they do produce its less than I’d expect on every average month elsewhere.

I’ve been with them a long time…. was checking my own play in there today and noticed I’m the only one out of 1000s that has stayed there and played for any period longer than 2 years.

As much as the human being is a creature of habit .. I find it most curious that out of as many people as I have signed there over the years … that I’m the only one still playing their casinos after a 2 year period.

Be different if I hadn’t been around so long and had such numbers … plus keeping in mind … as the Prof mentioned himself recently … my ads I ran for my sites actually came right out and said stuff like “don’t click to come here unless you’re a real money player” … “no bonuses for anybody here” etc.

so thats not those numbers which are made up of freebie chasers.

(insert very disappointed smilie here)

btw: to give an idea in comparison. … I’ve signed up like 150 some odd real money players at Referback over the years … that number is easily x10 (i’m guesstimating, have’nt counted in probably 2 years) at Brightshare for real money players signed.

Of course my players are all US players 97% or so … but that shouldn’t be such an issue at a place where they’re still accepting US players and to top all the above off … I use mostly jackpot wins I hit at Allslots as a selling point for signing up players … a luxury promotion tool I haven’t always been able to offer other casinos … at least not in such large numbers of examples. For some reason … I just tend to get lucky at Allslots.

In fact … I made more this last month there as a player than as an aff … and thats far from the first time …. sigh.

Nauti Kitten answered 1 year ago
Just checked the poll again, I feel much better now. Misery loves company.:hehe: