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What Design Software Does Everyone Use?

Roger_332 asked 1 year ago
I’m still learning web design and would like to know which editors and design programs you find the best?

I’m currently using Sitespinner for my web pages and Paint shop pro for the graphics. I like both programs but would like to test out a few more.

I recently have tried Mambo which is a content mangament software and it seems to have a steep learning curve for me but would be a very powerful program if I put the time in to learning about it’s features. If anyone uses this could you tell me if it’s worth learning and where I can get some good free templates?


23 Answers
LasVegasLady answered 1 year ago
I have DreamWeaver and Adobe GoLive as well as PhotoShop and Illustrator.

Those of you who like FrontPage .. what version are you using? I tried it once long ago .. found it so frustrating and hated it so much I took the freaking disk and smashed it into a bazillion pieces. :madat:

They must have made a lot of improvements .. either that, or I totally missed something with that program.

jocelyn answered 1 year ago
Photoshop CS to design, and Eclipse to code.

Eclipse is like the ultimate notepad – it colors the syntax so it’s super-easy to read code. Open source program that is free from

maxo answered 1 year ago
I use Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash and ultraedit.

bingoadvantage answered 1 year ago
Dreamweaver and photoshop.

Teranoz answered 1 year ago
Notepad and Visual Interdev

Envy answered 1 year ago
Programmer’s notepad :hithead:

Sunviper answered 1 year ago
We use Macromedia Studio MX.
Ultraedit is of course a good text editor.

Studio 8 will be our next choice.

TheGooner answered 1 year ago
Ace HTML editor.
It’s only a code editor not a design tool.
But it’s FREE …

cashmirrors answered 1 year ago
notepad, photoshop, ulead gif animater, flash mx :santa2:

Kevin11 answered 1 year ago
Was a frontpage jockey for years, now I’m using Dreamweaver.

Other tools include, Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready and Image Styler.