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Greek39 asked 1 year ago
Yes the greecer is posting again. Is it a bad idea to use a table form on a web site. I figure a table is the best way to display stats figures ect… Any ideas? greek39
4 Answers
Randy answered 1 year ago
There’s nothing wrong with using tables.

Greek39 answered 1 year ago
Us Canadians always say thank you even when we pay for things, its weird. Tables I will use. greek39 from Canada eh!

sipka answered 1 year ago
Tables are semantically correct when you want to display tabular data on a web page.

As far as I know there are a lot of discussion about using tables to display forms versus using CSS.

I also use CSS to separate the content from the presentation on my sites, but I think it is a headache to build forms with CSS so I make it in the older way – with tables. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Greek39 answered 1 year ago
You know on some sites mainly forum’s when listing casino’s bonuses, and wager requirements etc… They will often put in table form well i would like to do the same. A table of 6 columns and 60 rows. With the web program I use is drop and drag the table is already there.Punch in a few numbers and done. What I worry about is browser support too. Don’t worry i am dreamwearver master but this program I use saves me alot of time.