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Need help before I continue, Sportsbetting Forum

PokerCS asked 2 years ago
Layout?? Content?? Thread Navigation ??


(also let me know what you think of the domain name itself as far brandability etc, etc.) I’m starting this as a forum (using SMF.)

Unlike many sports community forums I want to build threads in a less general and more specific manner. For example, if you look at my 2009 NFL Season thread (VIEW HERE), I have a week by week thread set-up for each individual game. IS THIS A GOOD IDEA OR OVERKILL??

Now, for MLB which (I wish I could, let me know if I can) since it would be virtually insane to list a thread for each and every game for the MLB season, and suggestions, thoughts or oppinions for a better layout as far as child boards are concerned VIEWABLE HERE

Also suggestions for Soccer, Basketball, and other sports.

I really want to make this forum easy to navigate where a member can go to discuss a game on a specific thread, but I DON’T WANT OVERKILL <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Any suggestions or oppinions are so greatly appreciated here.