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weird hits

Shotgunpete asked 2 years ago
Any body else getting hits from

the hit looks like this

6 Answers
Do0d answered 2 years ago
I see this in my logs beginning APR 15. Not all my sites, but alot of them. Others are replying over at the other post that they started seeing this at the same time as well. The other post about this is here. And the URL is What is and China? Spam? – Google Analytics Help if the link doesn’t work as I just signed up here. If anyone else has noticed this perhaps we could pool info or something and figure out what’s up.

Dominique answered 2 years ago
Looks to me like it might be some translation device… but weird that you can’t go to it. Perhaps it scrapes and your site appears someplace in Chinese…

Shotgunpete answered 2 years ago
thanks for the info

I think it’s a huge site, that redirects links ( at least I hope so)

Shotgunpete answered 2 years ago
Thanks for the info.
Upon further examination, I think it’s a huge site that redirects links (at least I hope)
Although I haven’t had one click through

Renee answered 2 years ago
I did a search on project honeypot which said it didn’t have any data on that website’s IP address, although when I searched for the IP of that site, it told me the site was in Australia, but Project Honeypot told me the IP was in China and returned a list of IPs in the same area which are all from either China or India:

IPs In The Neighborhood | S | S | D | SD | D | SD | SD | C | SD | S | S | S | S | S | SD | S | S | S | SD | SD | SD | SD | S


Shotgunpete answered 2 years ago
if you hit the refer address it now has red letters and black background. I (well google did) translated it and it says “this station is black” – or something like that