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Visit Uganda ?!

Breakfastman asked 1 year ago
When I do a search on Google today, on the first spot for ‘online casinos’ I get:, which is a ‘site suspended’ page.

Is this a (big) glitch, or is someone doing something too smart for my understanding?

(I’ve checked my system for ad/spyware and it seems to be clean)

I’m lost here….


link to screendump:

3 Answers
deanimus answered 1 year ago
hi, I’m getting the same results. Looks like a pretty big glitch to me.
Even the cached version shows the account suspended page.

None of the incoming links have anything to do with gambling.

Randy answered 1 year ago
It looks like has moved down to #2 for this phrase…

Still, I wish I knew their secret…

Classics answered 1 year ago
Blog spam combined with expired or maybe purchased domain combinmed with PR7. Probably.
Has a link from the CIA site…